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Every child is a unique and beautiful creation designed by God. The intervention program at Immaculate Heart School serves students who need supplemental services and/or accommodations in the classroom in order to achieve their potential. Students meet with trained specialists one-on-one or in small groups twice a week. 

Math Class

Educational Therapy

Incorporating National Institute for Learning Development (NILD)  Educational Therapy techniques, sessions stimulate growth in the brain processes necessary for learning success. Students develop better thinking skills and strategies while working on key academic skills in reading, writing, and math.

Working on Math Problems

Structured Literacy

Using the Orton Gillingham reading program for structured literacy, student sessions include multisensory, phonetic, and sequential approach to reading, language, and spelling. Sessions incorporate research-based activities to increase and maintain interest in learning.

Math Tutor

Additional Methods

Our interventionists employ many additional methods to ensure student growth including Rx for Discovery Math and Search and Teach. Continuing education classes and intervention workshops ensure our teachers stay up-t0-date on best practices in their discipline. 

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