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Altar Serving

Students who have made their First Communion may participate in our Altar Serving ministry.  Altar servers develop a heart of service, a sense of reverence, and a love for Jesus in the Eucharist through their participation in this ministry. Students have the opportunity to attend the Alter Servers retreat held by the Vocations Ministry of the Diocese of Tucson.

Over the weekend some students from Immaculate Heart School got to participate in the 44th

Band & Piano

Students in grades 2nd-8th can participate in after-school group classes or private lessons for strings, piano, and guitar. Our instruments and band teacher trains students from beginner to advanced. Immaculate Heart School Band is open to all students grades 4th-8th. 

Chess Club

Led by our experienced and accomplished chess coach, the chess team meets after school weekly for hands-on practice and play. Beginners to advanced players encouraged to join.  Online weekly chess tournaments of Immaculate Heart School chess club members enhance the skills and confidence of the students.



Students in grades K-8 have the opportunity to learn from our experienced and highly-trained drama coach.  Each semester the drama club puts on a different musical theater performance.  Students grow in confidence, performance skills, and public speaking abilities through this extracurricular activity.

Math Kangaroo

Our Math Kangaroo Club, led by a University of Arizona professor/Immaculate Heart School parent, meets weekly for math instruction and games. Math Kangaroo, an national nonprofit organization, focuses on improving students' math scores and teaching them new strategies for solving word and logic problems. Club members participate in the annual international Math Kangaroo exam held each spring. 

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