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Student Life at Immaculate Heart School

We are extremely proud of our unique, vibrant and diverse options of extra-curricular activities. Year-round you will find spiritual, academic, social and athletic programs geared towards the well being of students and families. Yet, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at what a typical day in the life of a student at Immaculate Heart Schools looks like!


It goes without saying that the pandemic has taken its toll on humanity. We have been tested and stretched and our crosses have seemed more than we can carry. As followers of Christ, we face this calamity with hope and faith in a God who walks beside us in our times of joy, but most especially in our times of anguish and despair. 

At Immaculate Heart, our motto is from the heart of the Mother to the heart of the Son. That is how we have faced this world-wide crisis over these last several months. Our students have been praying the Rosary together virtually every day to grow in our relationship with Christ. We have prayed with and for one another as the Body of Christ. Our school community has worked together to support one another and live the virtues we have worked so hard to instill in our students. We have been blessed with a generous and thoughtful community that quietly tries to be the hearts, heads, and hands of Jesus Christ in our suffering world. All our thanks and praise goes to our loving God who never abandons his children.

Hybrid Learning

Based on the recent data, trends in data, and recommendations from local authorities, we will begin hybrid instruction on Monday, October 19 when we return from Fall Break. I have surveyed you multiple times so I will be using the current information I have regarding your preference for returning. Some were prepared to come as soon as possible, and several were looking at returning after Fall Break. If you shared that you wanted to return after Fall Break, I will be including you in our count. Based on those numbers, here is our current count and plan for hybrid instruction:

The teacher will be on display virtually in both classrooms for the benefit of distance learners and the children in the second classroom. She/he will move back and forth between classrooms to support students who are physically on campus.

If you have changed your mind since the previous survey, please let me know as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly over the break. 


We are moving desks and arranging furniture to accommodate the number of children who will be present on campus so I need to know by the end of the day today if you have changed your mind. 

  • There is a zero tolerance for any signs of illness. If your child is showing any of the listed symptoms, please keep them home! They can sign in to their classes from home and will not be counted absent if they feel well enough to participate in class.

  • If your child returns on Monday, October 19 and you are concerned about safety and choose to go back to distance learning, we will happily accommodate you. However, if you start distance learning for the second quarter, we will ask that your child remain in that model until the third quarter (January) before making any changes.

  • Hybrid learning will be Monday - Friday with our early Friday dismissals at 1:30 p.m.

  • It is critical that you send extra water for your child. We are accepting donations of water bottles in exchange for volunteer hours (every $15 spent = 1 volunteer hour). Or, we are accepting cash donations so we can refill the 5-gallon bottles we have been using to refill student’s water bottles.

  • Masks are required for all children who are on campus. They will be allowed to remove them during recess and PE if they can social distance, and of course to eat their lunch/snacks. Masks must remain on while students are in the buildings. Fabric masks must be washed every night if they are going to be reused. If possible, send an extra clean mask with your child in case the one they are using gets soiled or damp.

  • Students who travel for math classes will need to go to the class where their math class is taking place. They will be seated in a separate area that will be cleaned before and after they attend class.

  • Art, Computers, and Library will remain asynchronous for all students. Spanish, Music, and Latin will begin live classes after fall break. Students who are opting to stay home for second quarter will be opting out of Spanish, Music, and Latin. These three classes will no longer be posted in Google Classroom. Lessons will be posted in FACTS for those children who are present on campus. 

  • If your child is returning for hybrid instruction after fall break, please return any borrowed devices today if possible, but Monday, October 12 is also fine from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. We also need ALL ipads today to make necessary updates.

  • While I would never attempt to dictate what families do on their personal time, I would ask you to perhaps consider limiting your exposure this coming week. Stay safe, wash your hands, and mask up if you go out, please! 

  • Zero Hour will be available on both campuses. Extended Care is available, but only by appointment. Please let the office know you need to use Extended Care at least one day prior to the day needed. Payment will need to be made in advance. We need to make sure we are prepared to safely take care of the children who stay after school.

  • We have two aides lined up and ready to go. If you would like to get some hours by helping in the other two classrooms, let me know! You must be in compliance.

I will be sending three documents in an additional email. They are the guidelines we are following for students and faculty/staff who are present on campus and exhibit signs of illness. Please read them carefully!

Our teachers were very concerned about our distance learning students missing out on Specials. After speaking to Specials teachers, this is what we are able to offer our students:

  • Art, Music, & Latin - Mrs. Duffy and Mrs. Sarti will prepare lessons and teach students on campus but will continue to prepare asynchronous lessons for students who are at home. Those lessons will continue to be posted on Google Classroom.

  • Spanish - Mrs. Careaga will be teaching Spanish to students live in the classroom and will be opening a Google Meet through her Spanish class for each grade so that students at home can benefit from her instruction. Handouts for Spanish can be collected at the Academy office. Mrs. Careaga will email families when the handouts are ready to be collected.

  • PE - We do not have a solution for students participating in PE from home, but we are working on it! We will communicate our plan once it is final.

    • Middle school students can wear their PE uniforms to school as they usually would. 


Masses will remain virtual so students do not have to wear their Mass attire unless they choose to. Mass shoes and Mass attire are not required until Mass is in-person.

While there is a lot to consider for having your child return to campus, I am very excited to have them back! We currently have about thirty students on campus K-8 and it has been wonderful seeing them again! Please let me know if you have any questions. God bless you!

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