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Sister Alice Martinez
Principal  9-12


Sister Veronica Y. Loya
Principal  K-8


Sister Wilhelmine Galle
Receptionist Middle School

 The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Religious Formation

Religious Formation  The study of Catholicism, central to the curriculum, has two aims: 


  • First, students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the
    Roman Catholic tradition. 

  • Second, and even more importantly, students gain greater access
    to the rich Catholic treasury of resources for developing a
    meaningful life of faith.​

These resources include a balanced and informed moral system based on a keen sense of social responsibility. While formal religious education takes place in religion classes, Christian values are reflected throughout the school day. Through regular worship as a school community, opportunities for prayer and reflection, and a variety of voluntary projects aimed to serve the poor, the seeds of faith, love and responsibility to the “least favored” have the opportunity to take root in the lives of students. 


Educating the Whole Person  In addition to religious formation and intellectual growth, a complete Catholic education seeks to develop personal character based on Gospel values, physical health and refined aesthetic sensibilities. Students benefit from kinesthetic, artistic, social and emotional development.


Instruction emphasizes and builds upon fundamental academic skills, including the written and oral expression of ideas, problem solving, critical thought and the competent use of technology. Our students prepare themselves for a lifetime of learning.


We accept and work with students at a variety of ability levels, helping them to grow in their aptitude for scholastic achievement. Student needs are addressed in various forums including curriculum, student services, extracurricular activities and competitive sports. Success requires diligence and consistent effort on the part of the student, with the support of parents.


A Christian Learning Community  Educating the whole person requires more than excellent classroom instruction. For this reason, Immaculate Heart School continually strives to build a genuinely Christian community in union with the parents, who are the primary educators of their children. We work to provide an environment in which students are offered love, acceptance, discipline and challenge. The lived example of our faculty contributes significantly to an atmosphere of care, attention and respect. In turn, students are expected to treat faculty and each other in a similarly loving and respectful manner.

We strive for excellence at Immaculate Heart School. Our mission as a faith community is to “compliment the efforts of parents in the full education of young people who will become the hearts, heads, and hands of Jesus Christ in the 21st century.” The community at Immaculate Heart School includes every student, faculty member, volunteer, parent and those individuals who make our mission possible. Students and faculty are connected in ways that go beyond our campus. The Immaculate Heart community reaches out to local families and businesses that have contributed and supported our mission over the years. If you would like to support us in this mission and our belief that every child deserves a Catholic education, please do not hesitate to contact us about how you can get involved.