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High School 

Here at Immaculate Heart High School it is our privilege to teach your children the meaning of learning through the eyes of Jesus Christ. We value each child and believe they have been anointed with gifts from God. Therefore, it is our duty to instill in each and every individual the value of their self worth. We do that by implementing an excellent curriculum, hiring exceptional teachers who are certified in their subject area and provide a safe school environment.

Please take the time to read over some of the reasons why we believe I.H.H.S. is the best school of choice for your child: 

  • I.H.H.S. is a Catholic, college preparatory school founded by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, located in Oro Valley, AZ

  • Students attend Mass 

  • Curriculum exceeds state standards

  • Small class sizes

  • Teachers certified in their subject area

  • Individualized curriculum

  • Individualized scheduling

  • Differential  learning

  • National Honor Society

  • Honors classes

  • PSAT and MAP standardized testing  

  • 100% of seniors for the past two years have matriculated to the college of their choice

  • 100% of seniors have applied to college before October 1st

  • Graduated seniors have been awarded scholarships for academics, athletics and special interests

  • Junior parent and student informational meetings prepare families for the college admissions process

  • Competitive varsity sports in the 1A South Division. Sports include cross country, track and field, volleyball, basketball and tennis. Other sports are offered with active student interest. 

  • A variety of student-led organizations include Student Council, Yearbook, a literary magazine, student house system and clubs

  • Student-led community service projects

  • Student social activities, winter formal, proms, dances and movie nights 

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